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Tallahassee's days in the zombie apocalypse might continue. Back in 2019, Woody Harrelson debuted as the fan favorite zombie hunter in the original Zombieland, a zom-com exploring the lighter side of the undead rising. He reprised the role a decade later for Zombieland: Double Tap in 2019, years after it seemed that there wouldn't be another Zombieland movie. So could a part three be in the mix?

Recently, Harrelson was interviewed by Ash Crossan of Screen Rant to help promote his upcoming movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage. He was asked about the future of Tallahassee in a possible Zombieland 3, but as of now, there's nothing official that's in the works. Even so, Harrelson makes it clear he's happy to head back into Zombieland if the opportunity arises, as he really love the cast and crew he's worked with on those movies.




Md Wadud Hossain